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Lens İncelemesi – Venus Eye Bright Red – PinkyParadise

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Hi everyone! Today, we’re gonna make a review of a circle lens “Venus Eye Bright Red” . I have received these lenses in a period of approximately 20 days, which was sent by PinkyParadise

Let’s review the lenses;

Lens Specifications:

Base Curve  8.6mm
Diameter  14.0mm
Life Span  1 year disposal
Water Content  38%
What inside  One pair of lenses and one Macaron lens case


Lenses which sent by PinkyParadise had prescription power -1.00.If you have mypoic optical problem you can buy without thinking about if the lenses fit or provide clear vision.You can choose perscription up to -8.00 however if you don t have any problems with your eyes ofcourse you can pick -0.00 perscription power.


Even thought I am not accustomed to use lenses,I did not face any particular problems by attaching lenses or removing them from my eyes.That is the another prove that how good was the manifacture and quality of lenses.Beside of the ease of using lenses,they also provide clear vision.Although my eyes’s iris color are brown,lenses look very well at daylight.


However in darker darker photos their color look like little bit orange to me.
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Thanks to PinkyParadise for sending these lenses to us for reviewing them.

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