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ICK Adora Red Lens İncelemesi -Uniqso

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Hi everyone! Today, we’re gonna make a review of a circle lens, ICK Adora Red. I have received this beauty in a period of approximately 15 days, which was sent by Uniqso. Frankly, I didn’t expect to get this as soon as possible. Without further ado, let’s review the lenses!

Lens Specifications;

Base Curve 8.6mm
Color Tones  2 Tones
Diameter  15mm
Replacement Period  12 months
Water Content  42%


After 15 days, the bell rang and that was the postman! They came in this padded envelope, there were no problems with the packaging and everything arrived safely! When I opened the package, I got this cute box and the lens case.

Package Contents

This cutest box is enough for love to Uniqso. Look at that! That’s the cutest box I ever seen. I always want to send armful of my love to Lee Lee (Owner of Uniqso) when I see it. Nevermind, let’s go back to the review.

Package Contents Package Contents

In here, we got our lenses in case. Uniqso is acting really careful about the contact lenses’ security.


They’re medium-sized, I had no difficulty in inserting the lenses. Lenses are quite comfortable and they didn’t tire my eyes. Actually, when I first insert them; the lens which is in my right eye, wasn’t comfortable. After washing off with solution, there is no problem here. I guess, there was a dust. Washing circle lenses with disinfectant when they itch or feel comfortable often helps In Short, THEY’RE AWSUM :3

Here, you can examine their appearance under various light sources of the lens in the pictures.


My eye color is brown but the lenses are looking great. I was planning to share this photos with my “Vintage Vampire” cosplay but other orders didn’t come yet. Uniqso only ship to Turkey via express shipping.

Also, you can get 10% discount with “cosplaytr” coupon code. Thanks to Uniqso.com for that lenses and Thanks to DHL for fast shipping.

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