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Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown Lens İncelemesi – PinkyParadise

Hello there! I am here again with a new lens review. This time, we’ll review the Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown (Bambi series) from PinkyParadise. Let’s start to review;

Lens Specifications;

Base Curve  8.8mm
Color Tones  3 Tonlu
Diameter  14.8mm
Replacement Period  1 Yıl
Water Content  38%

I received them about 20 days later after order. I can say I started the day with ringings. Lenses beatifully packaged with a cute animal lens case and suprise gift:

packageI didn’t expect the lens case to be so cute. I guess I can buy lenses here just for these sweet things. There’s a another thing using for keep the hair like headband. You can get this stuffs with your order by using “cosplayturkiye” coupon code.

Now it’s time to review lenses! Lenses comes in locked glass bottle.

Lens!I had no difficulty in inserting the medium-sized lenses. I’m wearing them since morning and there’s still no any discomfort in my eyes. I also noticed that they’re thicker and heavier than the other lenses that I use.

My eyes has same color with lenses but there’s much different look. You can see the differences from the photo below. Have to remind: circle lenses allows your eyes appear larger and more vibrant.

catsengThanks to PinkyParadise for that lenses. See you next time!