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Lens İncelemesi – Sweety Bargello Green – Uniqso


uuSweety Bargello Green

Hi everyone! Today, we’re gonna make a review of a circle lens “Sweety Bargello Green” .I have received these lenses in a period of approximately 28 , which was sent by Uniqso
Let’s review the lenses;

Lens Specifications:

Base Curve  8.6mm
Diameter  14.0mm
Life Span  1 Year
Water Content  40%
Center Thickness 0.03 – 0.13mm
Color Tones 3 tones
Extra  1 lens case


In the box we received Sweety Bargello Green , one lens case and one mask(angry cat).IMG_0102

In this Sweety series of Uniqso’s we had chance to review Sweety Bargello Green.There is only prescription power 0.00 available at this moment for these lenses.Therefore if you have an eye defects. You should wait until they release other specifications or you may try to use with standard eye power.

As usually Uniqso sent lenses in most efficient way so they arrived without damage. However,we suggest you to change solution in the package before attaching them into your eyes. If you are not willing to use them immediately they have expiration date till 2020. Approximately 5 years after they manifacture the lenses.

Also there was a gift angry cat mask which we will review in another article or we will update this one with a photo.

Bottom picture reveals the visuals of the circle lenses at sunset. They look almost real even knowing it was sunset.


You may check photos taken at room light

Firstly,I wore one of the lenses so that you can compare my iris color and lens’s color.As you can see the difference,attached eye is appreciably looks better than the other one.

IMG_0316IMG_0284 IMG_0288

To sum up, when I wear both lenses I did not feel anything abnormal. Bottom picture shows that lenses have realistic tones and clear visuality. I can definitely suggest these lenses if you are looking something new with better tones in addition to green.

Update: I added pictures taken under sunlight

IMAG3136_1 IMAG3139_1

Thanks to Uniqso for sending these lenses to us for reviewing them.

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